The Company employs a core team of people who are experts at procuring, planning and managing multi-disciplinary projects in countries that are in transition or conflict.

The Company has a trusted network of technical experts – our brains trust – that have a long term association with the Company. We make all efforts to source and use African experts on our projects. We ensure that the Company is at all times in control of the project timelines, budgets and deliverables. We also ensure full compliance with all financial control and auditing requirements relating to such projects.

The ACCORD Group has its Head Office in Durban, South Africa, and also has offices in Burundi and South Sudan. There are also externally based staff in Addis Ababa, Washington, Norway, and Sweden.

ACCORD DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING has experts available on call throughout the African Continent and beyond.  Each has:

  • A track record of 5 – 20 years’ experience in their field
  • A basic Degree through to a PHD depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Knowledge of African Development needs
  • Local knowledge where a project exists
  • Accepted the Code of Conduct of ADC